When your DIET
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Supplements That Support And Optimise
The Support & Optimise Range For Women
Three premium grade practitioner strength formulas that make up for when your diet lets you down.
Girl Power
Premium power multi vitamin and antioxidant support for women.
Omega Fox
High potency premium grade Omega 3 supplement and Vitamin D for women.
Recovery Squad
Premium grade muscle and joint recovery forumlation.
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Fight The 3 Nutrient Thieves
It shouldn't have to be this way, but food isn't what it used to be.
These 3 thieves stop us getting everything we need from food.
Poor soil and nutrient lock up form over farming.
Picking early = Less nutrients
Fertilisers for fast growth = Less nutrients
Pesticides = More stress on body = Need more nutrients
Food grown on the other side of the world and long travel = Less nutrients
Food irrigated when coming into the country = Less nutrients
Food picked months before consumption = Less nutrients
Poor cooking method = Reduce nutrients further
Poor storage method = Reduce nutrients further
Packaged foods and preservatives to extend shelf life = Less nutrients
The Signature Series Promise
  • To provide 100% transparency on our formulation decisions. Click here to learn about each formulation.
  • To chose the highest quality ingredients for our formulations, not the cheapest.
  • To provide the fairest price we can for the high quality ingredients within our formulations.
  • To provide synergistic formulations that provide more support with less products.
  • To provide education to our clients on individual vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutrients within our formulations.
The Support + Optimise Packs
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Ultimate Potential
Girl Power + Omega Fox + Recovery Squad
Optimal Recovery
Girl Power + Recovery Squad
Optimal Support
Girl Power + Omega Fox
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